Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Hi, my name is Soot and I am the King, I mean the resident cat of Parkcrest Veterinary Hospital. I would like to give you a tour through my palace, I mean hospital.

This is the outside of our building, it was built in 2003. We used to be located at the Parkcrest Shopping center but we ran out of room and had to move. I like having more space to get into mischief.

This is our reception desk where you will check in when you arrive. I like to get into the candy dish sometimes but they always catch me.

Here is our waiting room that leads into our examination rooms. We even have a kid’s nook that I like to play in.

This is our retail area and there are a lot of goodies in here for both cats and dogs. I’m thinking that I need a new jeweled collar pretty soon and look at all this food, whoa!

Here I am helping our phone receptionist answer the phone. I am PURRfect at it.

I’m sitting in one of our examination rooms where they spend a lot of time looking at your furry friend and talking!

This is our lab area where they look at all types of samples. I try not to get into trouble here but it’s a pretty interesting place.

This is our pharmacy, boy, do they have a lot of different medicines for us!

This is the treatment area that I like to stroll through, it’s a pretty busy place so I try to just step back and watch.

This is our x-ray room where they take a lot of pictures of dogs and cats they even have an ultrasound where they can see inside of you!

This is our surgery room.

I am getting out of here before they think I need surgery.

This is our kennel entrance for both boarding and grooming

This is our friendly kennel staff.